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I have tried to use the RSS widget on the main page and it will initially display the information from the RSS feed but then does not update.I guess the downloaded information is cached somewhere but (despite searching the forum for a similar topic) I cannot for the life of me sort it out. Any advice please Hi Barry, sorry your having issues with the RSS. I have tried several but these are the two main ones: Feed Both intially feed the information but neither updates once the initial information downloads.For standard monitors, updated daily: A theme for widescreen monitors, updated daily: Intended for dualscreen monitors, updated daily: Note: Background should be set to “Center” or the resolution will be pretty ugly.We will soon be adding our own “Wallpaper of the Day” theme, that will feature a great Gaming wallpaper every day.This gadget is connected with internet explorer which should be there on your PC unless you have manually uninstalled it.

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In Windows 7, you can not only set an image as your background, you can set a RSS feed as your background. You can set a schedule when the theme will be updated and then it will download the media files straight to your PC and display them on your desktop. Well, there are plenty of photo websites out there like flickr, who provide RSS feeds of their image galleries. Windows 7 RSS themes are themes that are getting updated automatically via a feed address.This new feature that has been around since Vista is actually very useful and I have been fiddling around with it for a while now.This way, during your workday, you can just glance over at the streaming updates and if a topic catches your eye, you can click on it and bookmark the article to read later, during your lunch break or after work.One of my favorite methods to display news RSS feeds, especially on my nice big second screen that I recently purchased, is the scrolling ticker RSS feed display.

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