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Yet the sisters saw the web’s potential, to connect farmers and other rural folk who lacked dating options.In 2007, they made a nine-week tour of the English countryside in an RV, then launched Muddy Matches. basically anybody who doesn’t mind a bit of mud.” Six years in, How do you think most farmers perceived Internet dating in 2006? It has knights and ladies, kings and castles, fantastic and fearsome beasts, pageantry and romance.It tells a story of two hundred years, drawing the reader into an exciting world that is both familiar and foreign.

It’s easier when you’re showing yourself to like-minded people. Loads of blokes will put up pictures of themselves with tractors and diggers.Muddy Matches is the UK's premier farmer dating site.Like all the good ones, the Reeves’ idea was hatched over a couple of pints.But the story is not one of heroic deeds or epic romances. And behind its sartorial history is another story, a fairy tale nearly thirty years in the making, about perseverance, heroic dedication, and the triumph of love.Once upon a time, Anne van Buren, a scholar of medieval art, received a grant “to support the completion of a book on costume dating in late medieval art, primarily French and Flemish, focusing on illuminated manuscripts, painted panels, and incunabula.” Using only art that was firmly dated or datable to within five years, she aimed to use the fashion portrayed in these artworks to create a timeline that could be used by scholars to date undated art.

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