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The van was also ferrying one kindergarten teacher and the driver on March 20.

It was meant to carry only 19 people, according to local police in Henan province.

Officers were patrolling the streets of Nanyang City at the time. The van belongs to a local kindergarten and is not intended for use as school bus.

They stopped a van after spotting a group of children standing next to the driver's seat. The 27 year-old driver, surnamed Yang, confessed to police that the van had only 19 seats but was packed with 76 people including him and the teacher at the time. He holds a B1 license which only allows him to drive a medium-sized bus. In China, only drivers with more than three years' experience and a clean driving record are eligible to apply for a school bus driver's license.

The driver, who did not have a school bus driver's license, has been arrested for dangerous driving.

The discovery was made on Monday morning according to a Wechat post by Nanyang police on March 23.

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