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If what we've seen so far is anything to go by, adds Lenarduzzi, "that's a pretty gripping way to ride".

In fact, says her fellow Independent writer David Barnett, "it's quite faithful to an almost forgotten slice of history that saw the Yorkshire Dales transformed into a series of what were, essentially, frontier towns as harsh, tough and sometimes lawless as anything in the Wild West".

It is set in the fictional Jericho, a workers' shanty town in the Yorkshire Dales that springs up around the construction of the fictional Culverdale railway viaduct in the 1870s.

Jericho focuses on the community who live in the shadow of the bridge: Annie Quaintain (Call the Midwife's Jessica Raine) is a widow with teenage children escaping from her husband's debts, plus there's well-mannered navvy Johnny Jackson (Hans Matheson of The Tudors) and American railway agent Ralph Coates (Clarke Peters from The Wire). While the critics' responses have been largely positive, some haven't quite known what to make of the show."When is a western not a western?

The film and TV agency has provided an economic boost of around £25 million to the region in the last three years through judicious management of a modest ‘content fund.’Screen Yorkshire chief executive Sally Joynson told the Yorkshire Post: “The vision for the fund was to make Yorkshire one of the most sought-after destinations for production in the UK.“The impact that the fund has had …

has been absolutely extraordinary.”The influence of what people watch on how, and where they spend their money away from the gogglebox should not be understated: in a survey last year by train company Cross Country, 39 per cent of people said they had visited a destination after seeing it in a TV drama.

Bringing Jericho to life for the small screen was a tall order for the production team.

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Set in the 1870s, Jericho is a frontier town, not unlike the frontier towns of the American Wild West.

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The police drama has again been largely shot in the Calder Valley and around Huddersfield and is expected to be another ratings success for writer Sally Wainwright and its cast, which includes Sarah Lancashire.

Wainwright has done more than most to lift the profile of God’s own country in recent years with a string of popular and critical TV hits that were all filmed in Yorkshire, including At Home With The Braithwaites, Unforgiven and Last Tango in Halifax.

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