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Pocket Guardian™ detects Sexting and Cyberbullying on your child's monitored i Phone & Android devices plus social media accounts without invading their privacy.

The Protection of Children Act, 1978 (UK) stipulates that sending, creating, and/or possessing an indecent image of anyone under 18 is committing an offence, even if that picture is of you.

So while It is perfectly legal (in the UK) for a 16 year old to have sex, if they were to take a naked picture and send it to their partner, not only would they be committing the offence of sharing an indecent image, but also of creating one.

But that is clearly not the case for one 17-year-old boy in North Carolina (I won't repeat the name).

He and his girlfriend were sending nude pictures to each other, but were somehow caught by police and arrested. His girlfriend was also charged with "two felony sex crimes against herself," but took a plea bargain that will allow her to avoid jail time and having to register as a sex offender.

I remarked on how much all of my friends loved his app. With Memories, users can store their snaps in the cloud for safekeeping, future re-viewing and re-sharing -- which will surely be a big thing on #Throwback Thursdays.Pocket Guardian's purpose is NOT for spying on individuals!It's purpose is to help prevent the devastating consequences of Sexting and Cyber Bullying!Though this probably isn't that common, it's also far from the first time.Very recently a 14-year-old in Britain was added to a police registry for 10 years in a similar situation.

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